Prof Valery N. Krasnov
Director, Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry


Profession: Medicine - Psychiatry

Institution: Mosocw Research Institute of Psychiatry

Country: Russia

Languages: English


Being a Professor of medicine, I am a Director of Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry. During 40 years of clinical practice and research I have been also engaged in the organization and management of psychiatric care system on national level in Russia. I have participated in the WPA and WHO activities and the Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry as coordinator of several programmes, particularly on Recognition of Depression in Primary care and on ICD-10 revision. Since 2014 I am actively involved into the WHO Advisory Field study coordination group as a representative of the Russian psychiaric community. I have more than 200 publications: articles in national and international scientific journals and monographs.


My interests are focused in clinical psychopathology and in organization of mental health care.I am also interested in classification issues and revision of ICD Mental and Behavioral disorders.

Areas of Expertise

Mood Disorders
Schizophrenia and Related Disorders
Public Health