Dr Tahilia J. Rebello
Project Coordinator, WHO Global Clinical Practice Network for the ICD-11 Program Manager / Research Scientist, Columbia University Global Mental Health Program - WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Capacity Building in Global Mental Health


Profession: Public Health, Neuroscience

Institution: Columbia University Global Mental Health Program, WHO Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Country: Canada

Languages: English, French, Hindi


I was trained in the field of neuroscience and pharmacology, and my doctoral work focused on understanding the way in which early-life events and exposures, both genetic and environmental, can modulate the development of the brain in ways that have long-term consequences on behaviour. My transition from the basic sciences to public health involved an internship with WHO in Geneva. I then returned to New York to join the Global Mental Health Program at Columbia University.


I am interested in learning about innovative processes and funding models for effective mental health care delivery. I see great potential in the GCPN for research & development of such initiatives.

Areas of Expertise

Public Health