Dr Rebeca Robles
Researcher at the Direction of Epidemiological and Psychosocial Research of the National Institute of Psychiatry, Mexico. Proffesor of graduate programs on Psychology and Public Mental Health at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Profession: Psychology

Institution: National Institute of Psychiatry Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz

Country: Mexico

Languages: Spanish


I am a Psychologist with a specialty in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Doctorate in Health Psychology and Postdoctoral Fellowship in Public Mental Health. During the last decade I have been involved in various research activities as part of the development of WHO´s ICD-11 Mental and Behavioural Disorders, in Spanish-speaking countries.


I currently coordinate the field studies in Mexico to evaluate the proposed modifications for the classification in ICD-11 of Gender Incongruence, as well as the common disorders in primary care.

Areas of Expertise

Public Health
Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders