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ICD-11 Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Requirements for Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The following boxes correspond to the diagnostic groupings included the ICD-11 Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Requirements (CDDR) on Mental, Behavioural or Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

An introduction to the ICD 11-CDDR and a chapter on using the ICD-11 CDDR in clinical settings is provided. A crosswalk from ICD-11 to ICD-10 categories for clinician use is included as well. 

After clicking on each box, you will have the option to download a copy of the corresponding chapter in the ICD-11 CDDR.

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Using the ICD-11 CDDR

Crosswalk from ICD-11 to ICD-10

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Schizophrenia or Other Primary Psychotic Disorders


Mood Disorders

Anxiety or Fear-Related Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive or Related Disorders

Disorders Specifically Associated with Stress

Dissociative Disorders

Feeding or Eating Disorders

Elimination Disorders

Disorders of Bodily Distress or Bodily Experience

Disorders Due to Substance Use

Disorders Due to Addictive Behaviours

Impulse Control Disorders

Disruptive Behaviour or Dissocial Disorders

Personality Disorders and Related Traits

Paraphilic Disorders

Factitious Disorders

Neurocognitive Disorders

Mental or Behavioural Disorders Associated with Pregnancy, Childbirth or the Puerperium

Psychological or Behavioural Factors Affecting Disorders or Diseases Classified Elsewhere

Secondary Mental or Behavioural Syndromes Associated with Disorders or Diseases Classified Elsewhere

Relationship Problems and Maltreatment as Factors Influencing Health Status or Contact with Health Services