030_MAERCKER_ Andreas
Prof Andreas Maercker
Chair and full professor of Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention at University of Zurich and director of specialized outpatient clinics for trauma- and stress-related problems, for aging problems and online therapy

Профессия: Психология

Учреждение: University of Zurich

Страна: Швейцария

Языки: Немецкий


Medical and psychological education in former East Germany. PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin. In 1999 Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Technology in Dresden, directed the Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) research and treatment center. Full professor 2005 in Zurich/Switzerland. Since 2011 chair of the working group “Disorders specifically associated with stress” at WHO’s ICD-11 development.


PTSD, stress-response syndroms, lifespan developmental psychopathology, treatment, e-mental health, cultural clinical psychology.

Areas of Expertise

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