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Июнь 27, 2022

What is compulsive sexual behaviour disorder and how will this new diagnosis impact individuals and countries?

Тревожные и связанные со страхом расстройства являются самыми распространёнными во всём мире среди психических и поведенческих расстройств и связаны со значительными увеличением нетрудоспособности, экономическими затратами и снижением качества жизни.


Июнь 20, 2022

The inclusion of gaming disorder in the ICD-11 provides a standardized way for clinicians to diagnose and also allows for more evidence-based treatment methods to be developed.

Июнь 13, 2022

Identifying and recognizing prolonged grief disorder can help to ensure people receive appropriate and specialized treatment.

Июнь 6, 2022

Complex PTSD is a new diagnostic category in the ICD-11. Why was it added and what are the implications?

Май 19, 2022

Feasible and reliable competency tools for global mental health are especially important as interventions are implemented and scaled up in the field.

Апрель 15, 2022

Accurate diagnoses are important, especially when supporting children and adolescents with disorders of intellectual development.